Computer Virtualization

Do you ever need a lot of machines, but got just too few hardware?!?!  Well this is where virtualization comes to help and CSG is here to help  you figure it out! Join us in ECSS 2.415 @ 7PM on 3/13 to learn how  virtualization is done and the security implications of using virtualization.

Computer Networks and Network Security

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Have you ever wondered how our data travels across the wire? Ever thought about how secure your personal data is as it travels across the globe? Join us in ECSS 2.415 at 7 PM on February 27th to learn how our data travels across networks and how that data is secured from malicious actors across the globe.

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Intro to Python

Did you know that most species of python seek shelter in trees while the species known as the "python programmer" seeks shelter in

CSG is here to help you find a new shelter for your Python needs! Join us in ECSS 2.415 on February 20th at 7 PM where we will be going through the language of Python and how to leverage its capabilities for the cyber security world.

Intro to PowerShell

PS C:\> DoCoolStuff

The term 'DoCoolStuff' is not recognized..

PS C:\> Makeitwork

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PS C:\> Get-Help CSG

Ever struggled learning the Windows version of the command line, PowerShell? Well CSG is here to assist with that headache! Join us in ECSS 2.415 at 7 PM on Wednesday, February 13th for a crash course on PowerShell and use it effectively in a windows environment.

Intro to Bash and Bash scripting

[VicePrez@CSG ~]$ cd CSGAnnouncements
[VicePrez@CSG CSGAnnouncements]$ cat Jan30_Meeting.txt
Ever wonder what clouds are made of? I've been told it's mostly Linux servers. Which makes it a great time to brush up on or start learning Bash, the most common login shell for Linux systems. Join us in ECSS 2.415 at 7 PM on Wednesday, January 30th for an intro into the Bash command language and how to leverage it for security.

The officers will still be doing resume critiques after the meeting for the upcoming intern fair on Feb 1st. If you feel that your resume could use a second set of eyes then bring a copy to the meeting  and ask one of the officers after the meeting to look over it with you!