CSG Meeting - Firetalks

Hello! This week, we're going to be hosting firetalks, where members can come up and share about anything that they've been working on! If you would like to participate, you can still sign up using this link or in person at the meeting. If we have time, we'll also be going over challenges from our CTF at HackUTD this past weekend (or you can ask us after the meeting). Pizza will be provided. See y'all there!

Where? ECSS 2.410
When? Nov. 16 @ 7 PM

John Cole - x86 Assembly

Howdy there 🤠. As is annual tradition, Professor John Cole is coming to talk about x86 Assembly this week! It'll be a super interesting talk, so make sure to join us tomorrow! There will be 🍕.

Where? ECSS 2.410
When? Nov. 9 @ 7 PM

CSG Meeting - RF Hacking

Hey everyone! We've got another exciting tech talk coming up tomorrow about radio devices and how they can be exploited. It'll be super cool, so hope to see everyone there! Pizza will be provided ;)

Where? ECSS 2.410
When? Oct. 26 @ 7 PM

CSG Meeting - Decompilation

Howdy y'all! Have you ever wanted to hack video game binaries, or reconstruct their source code? This Wednesday we'll be giving a talk on decompilation, the practice of converting binaries back into their original source code. Tons of cool stuff is gonna be covered, so make sure to attend! There will be pizza!

Palo Alto Networks Tech Talk

Hey y'all! CSG and Palo Alto Networks will be hosting a tech talk today about some of the cool work they do and potential opportunities. Note that the room and time is different than usual, but pizza will still be provided. Hope to see everyone there!

Where? GR 3.302
When? 5:30 - 6:30 PM Today