CSG CTF - Fall Kickoff

Do you want to get started with CTF competitions, but have no idea how to start? This Friday we will start a kick-off of our CTF workshops! We are partnering with CSC (Cybersecurity club) to bring yall some hands-on related experience for getting started!

Where? ECSS 2.410

When? Fridays @ 7:30pm

Hope to see yall here!


It's actually happening soon! The CSG kickoff! We're a bit late to the party in "these uncertain times" but we're gonna try and make the most of having our on-campus presence back. Join us in-person or watch the stream on YouTube Wednesday, September 15th at 7:00 pm in SCI 1.210 to hear about all of the awesome hacker things planned for this semester!

Penetration Testing Workshop

Hey guys, Pentesting workshop starting now! Come learn with us! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkLzsYi2QZw

CSG Corporate Talks - Fearless Computing

Come join CSG and Intel this Wednesday, April 21st at 7pm on Google Meet for Dr. Bhargav-Spantzel's Q&A style talk on Fearless Computing! This is a great opportunity to network, learn more about cyber security at Intel, and gain perspective on computing and security.

CSG Corporate Talks - The World of Application Security

This week, we'll be hosting Paycom, who will be talking about The World of Application Security, a day in the life if a application security analyst, and their yearly internship opportunities. Join us Wednesday at 7pm, on Zoom.