CSG Talk: Hacking The XBOX

CSG talk Wednesday Night!

Hey y'all! For this weeks CSG Talk we will be talking about how the security of the legendary XBOX 360 was cracked. Make sure to join, and as usual, free pizza!

Where? ECSS 2.410
When? Apr 19 @ 7

CSG Talk: Binary Exploitation

For tonight's CSG Talk we will be discussing software safety and going over the basics of binary exploitation. We will have a great demo about buffer overflows also, so make sure to join! As usual, free pizza!

Where? ECSS 2.410
When? Apr 12 @ 7

CSG Talk: Dr. Hamlen, Can Code Ever Be "Secure"?

CSG talk Tonight! Guest Speaker Professor Kevin Hamlen

Hello everyone! Reminder that for tonight's meeting we will be joined by Dr Hamlen. He is going to be giving an amazing talk about modern software security. Join us for this great talk and free pizza!

Where? ECSS 2.410
When? Mar 29th @ 7

PICOCTF Weekend!

CSG Meetup this Saturday - PICO CTF!

Hey y'all! We are super excited to announce that this Saturday from 10-3 we are going to be meeting up in the CSG Lab, Room ECSS 4.619, to do PICO CTF! Anyone and everyone is free to join to work on problems from the popular, beginner oriented CTF competition. Members from the CSG officer team will be there to help guide people (on what we are allowed to haha) that may be new to CTF's, so no experience required.

Also, we will have free Donuts for all that come to compete!

Where? ECSS 4.619
When? Mar 25th @ 10-3

Smart Contract Verification

CSG Tech Talk this Wednesday!

Hey y'all! Hope everyone had a great spring break, and welcome back! This Wednesday at 7pm in ECSS 2.410, we are going to have an amazing talk from officer Také about technical concepts and cryptographic techniques used to create secure blockchain smart contracts. As usual, there will be free pizza!

Also, stay tuned for a big announcement coming soon this week!

Where? ECSS 2.410
When? Mar 22nd @ 7 PM