Tech Talk - WIFI Pineapples

Come take a look at a homemade WIFI pineapple and learn about WIFI security! We hope to see you all there and as always, free pizza!

Where? ECSS 2.415
When? Mar. 27 @ 7pm

CSG Talk - Intro to Game Hacking

Wondering how these hackers develop their cheats? Come join us at our talk today to get an understanding of the basics of game hacking!

Where? ECSS 2.415
When? Mar. 20 @ 7pm

CTF Workshop

Join us for an intro to forensics and OSINT CTF problems!

Where? ECSS 2.415
When? Mar. 6 @ 7pm

CSG Talk - Intro to PWN

Are you ready to dive into the world of cyber exploits and program vulnerabilities? Look no further! We're thrilled to announce our upcoming Talk: "Intro to PWN: Understanding Program Weaknesses and Exploits."

What Will You Learn?

Gain a deeper understanding of how programs work at their core. Learn techniques to identify and exploit weaknesses in software.

Where? ECSS 2.415
When? Feb. 28 @ 7pm

CTF Weekend!

Attention all cyber enthusiasts and gamers! Get ready to put your hacking skills to the test in the ultimate battle of wits and strategy at the osu!gaming Open Capture The Flag (CTF) event! No prior skill or knowledge is required and our officers will be there to assist anyone having difficulties.

Where? ECSS 4.619
When? Mar. 2 @ 10am