CSG Meeting - John Cole Teaches You Assembly (And Disassembly!)

Hey everyone! Join us this Wednesday as your favorite professor John Cole teaches you the ins and outs of x86 Assembly. There will be pizza at the meeting!

Where: SCI 1.210

When: November 10th @ 7 PM

CSG Meeting - Catching Waves

Hey everyone!

Join us this Wednesday at 7:00 PM for another Tech Talk! This weeks topic is an introduction to how those electromagnetic waves flying through the air work and some of the ways that you can make them not work so good. There will be foodfoodfood!

When: Wednesday 10/27/21 @7:00 PM
Where: SCI 1.210

Corporate Talk - Paycom and Application Security

Hey Everyone!

At 7 pm (virtually) Paycom is doing their event with CSG. They'll be covering application security at Paycom, what they recruit for at UTD, and giving general advice on getting started with application security.

Join with this link!


CSG Corporate Talks - Object Security

Hey Everyone!

Before @caverill_'s talk starts we'll have guest speaker and UTD Alum Kenneth Miller representing Object Security, who recently won multiple Navy and DARPA SBIR awards for some of their cyber security projects. He'll be talking about some of the cool work they're doing as well as as internship and full time opportunities at Object Security so please come in person if you are interested! This section will not be streamed so for those attending virtually expect the stream to start ~15 minutes later than usual. This meeting might run a little longer because of it, but for those of you that stick around we'll have tacos after the meeting!


CSG Meeting - How To Hide Your Virtual Crimes

Ever been in a situation where someone’s peeking through your hard drive and you wish they weren’t able to? Next Wednesday I’ll be giving a talk on various digital and physical methods for preventing (and achieving) data recovery! I’ll be going over stuff like file carving and the structure of hard drives, be sure to stop by. Snacks afterward!

Wednesday, October 13th @ 7PM Sciences 1.210