Privilege Escalation

When it comes to exploitation of systems, a lot of the time getting access to the box may not allow you to accomplish your objectives. It may be necessary to exploit the machine in various ways to gain more access. These techniques may finally be enough for windows to stop asking you to run as administrator.. maybe.

Yet there are many ways to escalate privileges on a machine and exploit it for more access! Join us in ECSS 2.203 on 10/16 at 7 PM to learn about common pitfalls that happen during privilege escalation and how to achieve that sweet root.

Cracking the Domain

In large networks, systems are connected into a singular domain to allow a definable architecture and easy administration. Ever wonder how those domain services could be abused for our malicious gain? Wanna know how to abuse these services to become that big daddy admin?

Join us in ECSS 2.203 on 10/09 at 7 PM for some domain service exploitation! Come learn how to abuse services like Active Directory and Kerberos to escalate privileges and own domains.

CSG Industry Talks - Paycom Workshop

Paycom is an online payroll and human resource company based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Paycom has been known as one of the first fully online payroll providers. With over 3000 employees as of 2018, they are changing payroll management for companies and they are here to meet with you!

Join Paycom’s Web Application Security Department in ECSS 2.412 at 7 PM on October 7th as we take a look at the knowledge and skills needed for web application penetration testing. Come learn about pentesting methodology and tools, and then, use what you learn to hack a vulnerable web application!

Network Forensics

As information travels across the wire it is logged by everything in between to keep track of what is happening. Information travels networks faster than we can blink. Also it may surprise you that clearing your history in your browsers does not delete your network traffic... we know what you did.. that is gross by the way.

Besides that we will still love for you to come to our next CSG meeting which we will be talking about Network forensics. Join us in ECSS 2.203 on September 25th at 7 PM to learn how to make sense of the crazy traffic that travels on the wire through the network.

File/File System Forensics

In the giant landscape of a file system there are so many areas that could harness and store important or hidden data. Do you know where malicious entities will seclude their nefarious activities? You think they store all their secrets in that one folder on your desktop labeled "Totally not porn just work stuff"?

Well if you wanna find out the answer to that then join us in ECSS 2.203 on September 18th at 7 PM for another exciting meeting with the Computer Security Group on the topic of file system forensics.