Alumni CTF and Reverse Engineering Crash Courses | April 6-7 at 7pm | SLC 1.102

This is a packed week in regards to CSG events. Sometime this week, we will be putting up a virtual machine on the website that you all can use for practising the format of CTF problems.

On Wednesday and Thursday evenings, CSG founders Mitch Adair and James McFadyen will be hosting Reverse Engineering Parts 1 and 2 crash courses. Part 1 will include the differences between x86 (what the reversing presentation is focused on) and ARM, and do an intro to ARM. Part 2 will go into further depth on the topics covered in part 1 and will also be used for going over problems from the CTF virtual machine. For both nights, the crash courses will be located in SLC 1.102 from **7-9 PM.

Please remember to have a VM manager installed.

On Saturday, we will be doing a small workshop on Server Hardening!**

Finally, we are still accepting CSG officer applications. If you are interested in applying to be a CSG officer, feel free to apply at

We hope to see you all on Wednesday and Thursday!