CSG Meeting - Nmap

Join us this Wednesday, February 10th, at 7:00 PM on Youtube for CSG’s talk, Intelligence Gathering with: Nmap! Increase your pentesting and hacking abilities by learning how to determine what services may be running on a server and which vulnerabilities those services may be susceptible to. Then, use this information to learn how to scan your own network to see what vulnerabilities YOUR devices may be susceptible to! Join us at: https://youtu.be/Dsn5ViaZWaI

CSG Meeting - IoT Insecurities

Join us tomorrow (Wednesday 4/22 @7pm) to learn more about the vulnerabilities of IoT devices and tools you can use to exploit them.  @ninjaheids will cover some recent examples of what's been hacked, how they did it, and where you can get started in hacking IoT devices.

CSG Meeting - OpenWRT and why you should be using it

Are you interested in learning enterprise networking but for some reason don't want a 6ft server rack in your closet? Or maybe you have an old router sitting around from when you replaced it with the aforementioned 6ft rack. Tomorrow, Wednesday the 4/15 at 7pm, @oragamihawk (that's me) will be covering how you can use OpenWRT to make your network more secure, gain more control over your hardware, or even use it for some more malicious things.

We'll be meeting through the CSG discord voice channels again, hope to see you there! (Invite link: https://discord.gg/kuejt8p)

CSG Meeting- Kali on Kali

Join CSG tomorrow to learn more about Kali Linux, the popular Linux distro used for penetration testing and digital forensics. Kali has over 600 tools available for doing everything from information gathering to sniffing and spoofing. Dive into the world of Kali with @CalEcco on Wednesday the 4/8 at 7pm!

We'll be meeting through the CSG discord voice channels like last week and likely for the rest of the semester. (Invite link: https://discord.gg/9JMtwSG)

CSG Meeting - Cyber Security Starter kit

Are you interested in cyber security and have no idea where to start? If you're the type that zones out during lectures and prefers learning on your own instead this is the talk for you. Join us on 3/11 in HH 2.502 at 7:00PM to learn about the CSG officers' shortlist of useful tools and resources.