CSG Talk - Pentesting Basics

Want to learn about some of the basics of pentesting? In this weeks meeting, learn how hackers use tools like Metasploit and NMAP to break into infrastructure, with a live demo recreating a MITRE APT scenario. As always, 🍕 will be provided.

Where? ECSS 2.306
When? Sep. 20 @ 7 PM

CSG Talk - Intro to Offensive Security

Are you trying to break into cyber security and don't know where to start? Try CTFs! Come to this week's CSG meeting to learn about what CTF competitions are, how to practice for them, and where to compete in them. Free 🍕!

Where? ECSS 2.306
When? Sep. 13 @ 7 PM

CTF Weekend!

It's hacking time!!! Join us this Saturday to compete in the Patriot CTF Capture the Flag competition 🚩. No experience necessary, as we will be working as a team and help will be provided.

Also, we will have free Donuts 🍩 for all that come to compete!

Where? ECSS 4.619
When? Sep. 9th @ 10am

CSG Fall 2023 Kickoff

CSG Kickoff this Wednesday!
Howdy everyone 🤠 and welcome back to school! Join us this Wednesday for our CSG kickoff. We will address tech talks, CTFs, Firetalks, and most importantly--CSG! There will be 🍕.

Where? ECSS 2.306
When? Aug. 30 @ 7 PM

CSG Talk: Hacking The XBOX

CSG talk Wednesday Night!

Hey y'all! For this weeks CSG Talk we will be talking about how the security of the legendary XBOX 360 was cracked. Make sure to join, and as usual, free pizza!

Where? ECSS 2.410
When? Apr 19 @ 7