Officer Applications Open

Hey everyone! Hope your summers have been going well so far 🌞. Officer applications for the fall semester are now open until Friday, June 3rd. No extensive knowledge required, just a desire to learn and give back to the community! If you've enjoyed our events so far, I encourage you to consider joining to help us plan them :). If you have any questions, feel free to ask the officers in the Discord.

CSG Meeting - Microcorruption

Hey y'all! Our last meeting of the semester will be this Wednesday where we'll be going over Microcorruption, a beginner level CTF for embedded security. As always, pizza will be provided. Be there or 🐝 🟩!

When? Wednesday, April 27 @ 7 PM
Where? ECSS 2.305

CSG Meeting - Firetalks

Hey y'all! Join us this Wednesday for CSG firetalks, where some of our members will present about topics they're passionate about and projects that they've been working on. Tacos will be provided, so be sure to attend in person!

When? Wednesday, April 20 @ 7 PM
Where? ECSS 2.305

CSG Meeting - Embedded Systems

Curious what the big deal is about embedded systems? Tomorrow, we'll have a talk on embedded systems, discussing how embedded systems can be attacked, and some ways to defend against them. There will be pizza, so see y'all there!

When? Wednesday, April 13 @ 7 PM
Where? ECSS 2.305

CSG Meeting - Web Security

Hi everyone! This Wednesday @ 7 PM in ECSS 2.305, CSG will be having a tech talk on web application security. We'll be taking a look at some of the most common attacks targeting web application vulnerabilities and some mitigation methods to protect yourself against them. There will be pizza, so see y'all there!