CSG Meeting - Slices of Pi

Have too many raspberry pi's lying around? Join us while we explore some of the cool things you can do with these affordable SoCs ranging from plug and play projects to actual hacker stuff!

When? - 7pm CT, Wednsday Oct 21st

Where? - Youtube Stream: https://youtu.be/6_Tx3gXw2ys

CSG Meeting - danooct1 Guest Speaker *delayed*

(Unfortunately, this event had to be cancelled due to an emergency. We are working on rescheduling with danooct. Thanks for your patience.) It's coming soon! Next week we have the greatest malware historian of all time and special guest danooct1 (https://www.youtube.com/user/danooct1), who will be giving a demo of his work, as well as an AMA right afterwards! Come up with some questions and ask him live! The talk will take place in the Discord server next Wednesday 10/14 @ 7pm. For any newer members, join the Discord server (link in the about section) for the source of the most updated information. You definitely don't wanna miss this one :)