Officer Applications for Spring 2021

CSG is currently looking for new officers for the Spring 2021 semester. The submission deadline is January 1st, and you can expect to hear back about scheduling an interview before January 7th. Everyone is welcome to apply!

Application link: PeBN1Hud3IpJHajBMIphs3j1A/viewform?usp=sf_link

CSG Meeting - Is This Your Card?

Ever wondered what the heck wizardry is behind that plastic money card you keep in your wallet or purse? Ever wonder how you can leverage your knowledge of today's emerging technology to directly deposit $500 from just about any senior citizen's bank account to your own personal account utilizing Near Field Communication? Maybe you've wondered how you can better prepare your elders to secure their credit and debit cards to decrease the likelihood of financially supporting them in the future? Come hang out with CSG on YouTube tomorrow night, 11/11, at 7PM and lets talk about it!

Intro to Security and Splunk Workshop - CSG x ACM

Interested in getting started with cyber security and Splunk? Come to our workshop where we'll teach you intro security concepts and how to produce software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data! No prior security experience required. Join us on Tuesday, November 10th at 7 PM CST. Hosted in collaboration with ACM UTD.

Workshop Link:

CSG Meeting - IoT

Can hackers watch you through your smart Bluetooth toaster? Are your cameras really as secure as the boxes say they are? Come find out tonight at 7pm, where we'll be talking about IoT, Home Assistant, and how to secure your IoT networks.


CSG Meeting - Slices of Pi

Have too many raspberry pi's lying around? Join us while we explore some of the cool things you can do with these affordable SoCs ranging from plug and play projects to actual hacker stuff!

When? - 7pm CT, Wednsday Oct 21st

Where? - Youtube Stream: