CSAW 2013 Write-up: Brandon Edwards (Recon-6, 100pts)

This is a write-up for the 'Brandon Edwards' Recon-6 (100pts), for CSAW 2013.

For starters, our only hint is a Google search for "Brandon Edwards." So, using Google, we quickly discover he goes by the handle "drraid." Changing our search to "drraid," we get some better results tailored to the Brandon Edwards we are actually looking for.

Crawling the links, you will eventually be redirected to his Github page. If you change the view on his page to the "Public Activity," you'll get an interesting hint:
drraid Github, CSAW 2013

Clicking the update:
drraid Github, CSAW 2013

You get the flag, key{a959962111ea3fed179eb044d5b80407}.

Additionally this key was available on his website, in the html comments (if you lurked that hard lol): SophSec
CSAW 2013, SophSec Key