CSAW CTF | Sept 18th - 20th | ECSS 4.619

Its that time of the year again! Join the CSG Team to compete in one of the largest CTFs of the year! We are meeting this Friday when the CTF starts at 5:00 pm in our lab at ECSS 4.619. The competition continues until Sunday and we will be having lab times on Saturday dedicated to this competition. The official Saturday hours are the same as our normal open lab times from 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm and pizza will be provided as always. You are encouraged to bring friends with you to tackle these questions together. We also are communicating over IRC and here is the information:

Server: irc.oftc.net
Channel: #utdcsg

If you have not used a IRC in the past, here is a great guide to get you started: http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Started-with-IRC-(Internet-Relay-Chat)

For more information, visit https://ctf.isis.poly.edu. We are registered as a team so you do not have to register as an individual. Please let us know if you are having trouble with anything at: utdcsg@gmail.com

Good Luck guys!
Jiayang Wang
CSG Vice President