CSG Officer Applications and Stressbuster Party | Wednesday Dec 2nd 7:00 pm | ECSS 4.619

Its that time of the year again. CSG is looking for officers! We are looking for people who are dedicated and would like to contribute to the group. We have many positions open and most do not require any security knowledge. You can view what the job requirements are and apply here: https://goo.gl/UjfpEC.

Its also that time of the semester where we are all having our exams and projects coming up. CSG is hosting a stressbuster party to help you lose some of that stress. The stressbuster is on Wednesday Dec 2nd 7:00 pm in the ECSS 4.619. There will be pizza and games! Please feel free to bring your own games. During this event, we will also be voting for officers. If you would like to apply for an officer position and cannot make it to the meeting, please let us know at our email: utdcsg@gmail.com.

Really hope to see you all there!
Jiayang Wang
CSG Vice President