CSG Summer Activities

Due to the change in schedules of many of our members, as well as many being out of town for internships or enjoying the break elsewhere, we are not holding our regular Wednesday meetings during the summer.

As there has been interest from some of those still around the UTD campus in doing something over the summer break, we are holding open-lab sessions every other Saturday during the summer. The second of these will be Saturday, June 28. These open-lab sessions are held in our lab in ECSS 4.619 from 12pm-3pm. Similar to the open-labs we held during the previous Spring semester we are not holding formal presentations during these, and everyone is welcome to come and meet some of the group officers if you are new to the group, work on various security challenges hosted online, get a feel for what we do and what we look at in the field of security if you are new, and (almost) whatever else you can think of. We hope to see you there!

Any questions can be directed to our officers reachable at utdcsg@gmail.com .