CTF with Alumni and Officer Positions

Just a reminder that there WILL be a lab this Saturday, April 2, 12-4pm in ECSS 4.619 prepping for the event next week.

Next week, Mitch Adair and James McFadyen, some of CSG's founders, will be hosting a CTF, as well as crash course exercises for how to approach some of the problems. The event will be two days: April 6th & 7th, both at 7pm in SLC 1.102. It is advised that you bring your laptop to the event!

Finally, officer positions are opening up. We're doing them a little differently this semester. The current officers will be interviewing students and selecting them as opposed to an election. It's open to everyone, but do note that we highly encourage our officers to do research for presentations. We hope you'll apply!

Application: [link]

Thank you!