CTF Write-Ups and First Crash Course

Tonight we'll be presenting some wrtie-ups from past CTFs. This should be a good chance to see what kind of problems you'll see in a CTF and hopefully you'll enjoy some of the problems we chose. We'll also be finalizing our topics for the semester, so be sure to come with ideas for topics that you'd like to see or present. Our meeting tonight will be in ECSS 2.103B (the open CS lab). This isn't our first choice for rooms but we should at least have enough chairs for everyone this week.

On Saturday (9/14) we'll be holding our first crash course for the semester. This crash course will be an introduction to Reverse Engineering, so bring your laptop and be ready to analyze some binaries. the crash course will be held from 2pm to 5pm in ECSS 2.312.

We hope to see you there!