Internship and Job Info From Lockheed Martin

The rest of the officers and I had the pleasure a little while back of speaking with Ted and Marc from Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Concepts Laboratory focused on cyber security research. They are seeking qualified internship and job candidates for their labs and have had good results from working with CTF teams in the past. They have passed along a sample job posting (which will be linked to below) which, while somewhat vague due to the nature of security work requiring a higher degree of secrecy, gives a good general idea of what skills they are looking for.

From our discussion with them, they seem to offer a dynamic work environment with much room for growth, exploring different areas of research, and working with other researchers with a variety of backgrounds. If anyone is interested in learning more about opportunities with the ACL, feel free to contact Ted directly at his contact information listed in the document below.

-Daniel, VP of the UTD CSG

Advanced Concepts Laboratory Job Opening