Intro to Web Security Part 2 | Oct. 26, 7p | SLC 1.102

We will meet tomorrow (Wednesday) night in at the usual time/place (7pm in  SLC 1.102) to continue our series on Web Security. We will have lectures and exercises covering SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery, and Server-Side Includes.

The EKOPARTY CTF is this week on Wednesday and Thursday! To participate as far as part of the "utdcsg" team, get the password from us at the meeting tomorrow night, or email us directly. We will have the CSG lab open from 12pm-4pm on Saturday as well, and we will be going over problems from EKOPARTY and CSAW CTFs.

Next week, we will be using our meeting to work on more Capture-The-Flag problems related to Web Security. Should be a good time!