Meeting Wed 29th at 7pm in GR. 2.530

Our meeting this Wednesday the 29th at 7pm in GR 2.530 will kick off our topics with Code Auditing, Reverse Engineering, and Exploitation.  The presenters with be Daniel (aka: drx) and James (aka: jtm).  We will be making use of the Protostar VM from (linked below) during our meeting, so please go ahead and get that downloaded and setup in a Virtual Machine before we get started.  If you have any questions about getting that configured, feel free to jump on IRC and ask for some guidance.

UPDATE: Resources from this meeting on Jan 29th 2014: Slides and Resources from CSG meeting Jan 29 2014

Virtualization Software:

-VMWare Player (Windows computers)

-VirtualBox (Windows/Linux/Mac computers)


-Protostar VM (for meeting)

-Nebula VM (intro challenges)