Network Security Week 3 Preparation

Week 3 of our Network Security section will be purely hands on. There will be a few wireless routers set up with computers attached. The goal will be to break into the wireless network, attack whatever computer you can access, and then spread to other computers in the network.

For the wireless cracking component, see the slides from week 1:

Slides with the scripts.

If there is too much trouble getting into the wireless network, we'll allow people to conduct "internal pentests" by plugging straight into the routers via Ethernet.

Once in, the use of common pen testing tools such as Metasploit and nmap will be necessary. Some information on using these can be found in previous presentation slides:

Penetration Testing Slides

And since we're effectively moving from visible computers in a "DMZ" to internal computers, it will be necessary to know about pivoting in Metasploit, which turns out to be very simple. Some slides covering it are here:


Finally, if you want to do wireless cracking with BackTrack, I would recommend booting into it via a CD. However, when you do the pen testing portion, the BackTrack VM from their site will be easiest; it can be run with VMWare Player.

Don't worry if you don't know how to do anything mentioned above, there will be plenty of friendly people to help out.