Open Lab | ECSS 4.619 | Saturday September 26th | 12pm - 4pm

First of all, thank you all who joined us last weekend to compete in the 2015 CSAW CTF. I hope it was a great experience for all of you guys. With all of your hard work, we were able to place 22 out of all the qualifying teams and you guys can view more of the stats here:

This Saturday, we will be going over the CTF problems for both members who have attended the competition and members who missed it. It is a great learning experience and I hope that all of you can attend! As always, the open lab is in our CSG Lab in ECSS 4.619 from 12pm-4pm. PIZZA WILL BE PROVIDED!

But for everyone who missed the CTF, do not worry, we have many more CTF throughout the school year and you guys can find all that information on this website. If you have not joined our mailing list, you can do so by emailing our awesome secretary at to add you to the list.

Very Best!
Jiayang Wang
CSG Vice President