Image and Audio Forensics

Ever look back at those old photos and videos on your phone? Ever wonder what kind information could be contained inside of it? Ever think that those personal photos could be holding secret data that can help us find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
While we may not know the last thing we can still teach you how to do forensics on images and videos! Join us in ECSS 2.203 on September 11th at 7 PM for another exciting meeting with the Computer Security Group.

Social Engineering

Have you ever had a "severe" storm roll in and cancel your plans for the day? Ever worry about your property getting damaged from a "severe" storm? Click on the link below to find out how to protect yourself from storms in your area!

Everyone gets these emails on a daily basis and they use a technique called Social Engineering to convince you to listen. Ever curious on how it is done? Join us in ECSS 2.415 @ 7PM on April 24th to learn how Social Engineering is used to steal your information.

Fujitsu Tech Talk

Fujitsu is coming to UT Dallas to give a tech talk for CSG! Fujitsu is a fortune 500 company that provides IT services across the globe and is also the fourth largest IT service provider measured by IT services revenue. Fujitsu is gonna talk about how they play a role in cybersecurity as well as current cybersecurity trends coming in 2019. Join us in ECSS 2.415 at 7 PM on April 10th to learn more about Fujitsu and the cybersecurity trends in 2019.

CSG Fire Talks

It is that time of the semester again which means it time for another round of the CSG Fire Talks. It is time to see and hear from other members of CSG about different projects and topics they have been pursuing. Join us in ECSS 2.415 at 7 PM on March 27th to hear talks from the members of CSG over multiple security topics. Come support your fellow members and help them bring the fire!

Computer Virtualization

Do you ever need a lot of machines, but got just too few hardware?!?!  Well this is where virtualization comes to help and CSG is here to help  you figure it out! Join us in ECSS 2.415 @ 7PM on 3/13 to learn how  virtualization is done and the security implications of using virtualization.