CSG Meeting - x86 assembly with Dr. John Cole

Do you ever wonder how the architecture of a computer works on the machine level? Ever wonder why the x86 architecture is so bloated and hard to deal with? Feeling so lost with all the assembly instructions that you feel lost and out of hope? Well, Dr. John Cole is here to help you!

Join us in ECSS 2.203 at 7PM on 11/20 to learn about x86 assembly, how to pick through a C runtime, and disassemble code through the VS debugger with Dr. John Cole.

CSG Meeting - Artificial Intelligent Cyber Security with AIS

Automation is a much-needed tool in the cyber world today especially in the realm of security. People are deploying artificially intelligent systems to learn and adapt to malicious actors. Yet these systems are not impervious to flaws and attacks from adversaries. Luckily we have the Artifical Intelligence Society to help us!

Join us and AIS in ECSS 2.203 on 11/13 at 7 PM to learn about the Domain Generation Algorithm and how to attack the DGA model. (Bring a laptop if you want to take part in the workshop portion of the talk.)

CSG Corporate Talks - TI

Texas Instruments has a long history at UTD with its founders being the founders of The University of Texas at Dallas. Texas Instruments has been in business for almost 90 years now and is still one of the top 10 semi conductor companies in the world. With ground breaking innovations like the first commercial silicon transistor and the integrated circuit Texas Instruments strives to change history.

Join us in ECSS 2.412 on November 4th at 7 PM to hear a talk from TI about the different disciplines in cyber security. They will talk about the multiple fields in cyber security and how to prepare yourself for those field.

CSG Meeting - Firetalks

You feel that heat coming? Seems to be rising up.. can only mean that the CSG fire talks are coming up! Firetalks are a chance for the members of CSG to give a talk about something that they know and show off their own interest to the other members.

Join us in ECSS 2.203 at 7 PM on 10/30 to listen to your fellow CSG members talk about other security topics they wish to share knowledge about!

CSG Corporate Talks - Alkami

Alkami is a cloud-based digital banking provider to US financial institutions leading the way in extraordinary online and mobile banking experiences. Alkami has been recognized with the 10 coolest tech companies to work for in Dallas and 2019 best places to work in financial technology. Today, Alkami has 400+ employees to server their near 6 million consumers and small businesses.

Join us in ECSS 2.412 on 10/28 at 7 PM for a presentation with Alkami on how they defend against frameworks like Metasploit from the endpoints to the edge routers of the network.