Resources from Spring 2014 First Meeting

James (aka: jtm) collected some great resources, some of which were showcased during our first meeting this past Wednesday the 22nd.  The other resources that Daniel (aka: drx) mentioned have been added to the 'Resources.txt' file contained within the download.  The links within that document that were highlighted during the meeting have also been marked as such.

As we are going to be diving into code auditing, reverse engineering, and exploitation starting next week, we encourage everyone to take a look at these resources ahead of time.  Our open-lab time from 11am until 4pm this Saturday the 25th in ECSS 4.619 will be a great time and place to do so as many of the officers and James will be present.

As always, feel free to ask questions and make contributions.  We monitor the email as well as the #utdcsg IRC channel.

Download the resources here: Resources.txt