Volunteer for Women In Cybersecurity Conference (WiCyS)

UTD is hosting the Women In Cybersecurity Conference (WiCyS) next semester and we need volunteers! This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in cybersecurity.

To volunteer, fill out the form here: https://www.csc.tntech.edu/wicys/register/

Fill out the application for the Student Scholarship, and be sure to mention in the final question that you want to be a volunteer for UTD. The deadline is December 1st, but get it done as soon as possible to guarantee a spot. Volunteering is open to both males and females.

If you're accepted as a volunteer, you'll be given a scholarship that will pay for food/lodging. Basically the conference will be at no cost to you!

Visit www.wicys.net to find more information or contact Dr. Straach at jstraach@utdallas.edu if you have any questions.