What to bring for the Exploitation Crash Course (2/23)

ExploitationCrashCourseThe crash course on software exploitation will be this Saturday (2/23), and this one requires that a few more tools than the web one did.

We will be doing Linux x86 exploitation, and the best way to do that is using a virtual machine. I will be preparing a simple Linux VMWare image that everyone can use that will have the tools we need. Whenever that is finalized and uploaded, I'll put a link in here. Until then, the best options are to either obtain the free VMWare Player software or, if you are a computer science student, contact the cs-tech support email asking for a link to the VMWare student program where you can download VMWare Workstation. Player should be just fine for this though.

Luckily, the UTD IPS won't be able to disrupt the demos in this like it did for the web crash course, so I look forward to it and hope to see lots of you there!

  • Scott